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Wall Street Journal article describes an experience of a woman who looks to sell her old jewelry and finds a fair deal at US Gold Buyers, Inc.

The "Wall Street Journal"

How to make money by selling gold in a tough economy.

How to find a right buyer for your unwanted gold.

"NY1 News", January 11, 2011

ABC visits US Gold Buyers, Inc. to investigate a surge in value of gold as financial crisis develops.

ABC's "Nightline"

Carol Costello from CNN reports on selling gold around the country.

As gold prices reach record highs, consumers are looking for a fair price for their scrap gold. On November 20th, 2009 US Gold Buyers, Inc. is covered by investigative reporters in search of a consumer oriented refinery. A report includes an interview with Kevin Bronfin, a consumer advocate / precious metals consultant.


ABC visits US Gold Buyers, Inc. as spot gold hits an all-time high of $1,152.75 an ounce

ABC's "Nightline"


"Good Morning America" reporter visits US Gold Buyers, Inc. to sell her "unwanted" jewelry.