The US Gold & Loan Process

US Gold & Loan Means "Top Of The Line"
Whether you want a collateral loan or simply sell your valuable items out right, US Gold & Loan provides a fast, secure, no hassle way to discreetly service your needs. Our elite customers enjoy the finest lifestyles. US Gold & Loan provides the ability for them to sell valuable items they do not want anymore or use a valuable item to obtain cash by securing a collateral loan. Either way, you will be treated with the utmost respect and service that you deserve.

Getting A Loan With Your Item
In the case of a loan, you have the opportunity to repay the loan and get your item back.  US Gold & Loan provides a low interest rate loan for your precious items with an option of no payment for up to two months.

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Selling Your Item
In the case of a sale, you receive money for the sale of your item(s) to USG&L and there is no further repayment involved.  USG&L appraises your item and, with your approval, pays you instantly so you can use the cash for whatever you want.