Commonly Asked Questions to US Gold & Loan

What can I put up for collateral or sell with USG&L?
Good question! USG&L really likes high-end luxury items such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piquet, Hublot, Vacheron Constantin watches; High Carat Diamonds and other precious stones; Designer Jewelry like Chopard, Charriol, Harry Winston engagement rings; Designer Handbags like Birkin, Louis Vuitton, Prada; Fine Automobiles like Lamborghini, Porche and Ferrari. We want you to get a collateral loan or sell your awesome collection of luxury items. For more on what we loan on or buy, check out the Home page for the type of items we are interested in.

How is my loan or buy offer determined?
Your offer is based on its resale value, which is determined using real-time pricing data and our certified team of evaluators. Because we deal with elite clientele and offer the highest level of consideration for your items, our team of specialists works for you the moment you step foot into our facility. With confidence and secure thought, you can have your items properly and professionally evaluated in a secure and private manner. We provide fair market valuations for your items and work with you on the best possible offer. Since we want your repeat business, all of our efforts are aimed to guarantee your return business in the future.

Will you lend against damaged items?
Our valuation will take into account the condition of your valuables. For example, damaged jewelery will be valued on the weight of precious metal and the size and quality of any precious stones it contains. We also accept watches that are not working but we will factor this into the valuation.

What happens to my item if I decide not to pay back my loan?
USG&L will attempt to resell the item. Since we truly value a good relationship with our clients, we’ll work with you on the timing and schedule to provide a satisfying solution for both parties.

Will defaulting on a loan from USG&L affect my credit score?
No. USG&L, like most people in the world, is not a fan of credit agencies. We do not report people to any credit agency. Our loans are collateral based and we do not offer any unsecured credit.

What is the minimum/maximum amount I can get a loan on my collateral?
The minimum loan is $1,000 and maximum is $2,000,000 with 24 hour turnaround. Please call regarding higher loan amounts.

What are acceptable payment methods?
If you get a collateral loan on an item with us, we will electronically deposit money directly into your checking account. The interest you owe each month may be debited directly from your bank account as well. When we pay you in cash at our facility, deposit funds electronically into your checking account or send you a business check in the mail.

How does USG&L store my item?
Your item is bar-coded and stored under 24-hour surveillance at our secure, card-accessed facility. Your items are treated with the utmost care and security. At no point will any unauthorized individual or organization obtain access to your items without proper clearance and authority.

Can I buy items from USG&L?
Yes, we do sell Gold and Silver Bullions and Coins based on market price.

How long does the contract run for?
A typical collateral loan runs for two (2) months from the date you pledge your items, though you can terminate the contract at any time by repaying the loan plus interest. Additional extension is available upon request.

How quickly can I obtain my loan?
Once our experts have your valuables, the appraisal and loan offer can be completed in less than a day. However vehicles and some designer handbags may take up to three days to evaluate and process.

Why should I use your company for a secured short term loan?
We treat our customers with transparency, honesty and respect. Being an independent collateral lender we are dedicated to providing our customers a more personal service, in a discrete and modern environment. Read more.

Is the loan process with USG&L private?
Yes, you can be assured of absolute discretion. Your personal information is kept private and unlike other pawnbrokers we do not pass on your details onto any third parties.

Do you perform any credit checks?
Our loan process involves no credit checks. Since your item is offered as collateral for the loan, no credit check is necessary.

Will NOT repaying my loan affect my credit rating?
Not repaying your loan has absolutely no effect on your credit rating. The item you have provided as security for your loan will simply be sold to recoup the cost of the loan, plus the outstanding interest amount. The difference will be returned to you.

Do I need to make any payments during the loan agreement?
No, unlike some lenders there are no monthly repayments. You pay when you are ready; when you wish to redeem or renew your agreement.

If I don't repay my loan, what happens?
If you cannot repay your loan after your contract ends, you can renew it for the full length if you repay the interest outstanding. If however, you cannot extend the contract we simply sell the item to recoup the cost of the loan and the outstanding interest amount. The difference will be returned to you.

How soon will I receive my cash loan?
Once the valuables have been appraised and the loan agreement completed, we will provide you with the cash immediately.

How do I get my valuables back?
You can obtain possession of your valuables at any time during the contract by contacting USG&L, providing 24 hour notice and repaying the original loan plus any interest due. We will return your item to you immediately. If you have mailed your items in to us, your valuables will be sent back to you registered and insured via FedEx.

Who licenses and regulates USG&L?
USG&L is licensed and regulated by the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Registration No.: PN4308